copy_of_icca_badge1Certification in Christian Chaplaincy

Do you want to earn a Certificate in Christian Chaplaincy? We can help! Inspire by Fire has partnered with the Christian Bible Institute & Seminary to provide a certified chaplaincy program with hands on experience. The program offers hands on instruction, training and mentoring. The three month course allows each student to participate in 30 service hours of on the job training.

Not only will you earn your Certificate of Completion, you will also become a member of an elite group of Chaplains. The International Christian Chaplains Association (ICCA), a member of the Global Christian Schools Network (GCSN). Also all course hours are transferable to degree programs of Christian Bible Institute & Seminary (CBIS).


Each course is worth 3 credit hours. Grades are based on class participation, assignments, quizzes and test. A passing grade of 70 or above must be received to be eligible for graduation. A certificate of completion will be presented to each student upon graduation. It will take about 30 days for you to receive your badge and your badge holder via mail.

Program Total: 12 credit hours

RS 312 Aftercare: Disciplining the Ex-Offender (3 credit hours)

CC 402 Crisis Counseling (3 credit hours)

RS 448 Ministry in Correctional Institutions (3 credit hours)

RS 451 Worship Leading (3 credit hours)