Warfare Initiative

Many people spend their entire lives seeking ways to cope with the issues that persist in daily living and then they die. As sad as that may sound, we have accepted defeat at the mere presentation of a challenge. This is due to a lack of understanding, a lack of fight and a lack of know-how. All accredited to the neglect and lack of / in the teaching. However you have been given the victory to conquer life’s  obstacles and confirm it to others.


  • Educating individuals about the process of warfare
  • Providing the necessary tools to teach others about the process of   warfare
  • Coming together and engaging in strategic tools to overcome life’s challenges

Marriage Seminar

            Many marriages suffer from what I like to call “marginal manipulation.” As things seem to be on track but something happens to cause derailment. Always seeking happiness but never obtaining the joy promised in unity. Most have settled for “This is as good as it gets” thus failing to reach the best that has been orchestrated for your matrimony. Know this, there is always a next level and it is within your reach. This workshop is for the single, married, divorced or separated individual seeking to unlock this mystery.


  • Marriage basics                              •    Man vs woman difference
  • Grace for marriage                        •    Removing the margin


Purpose & Leadership

It’s highly concentrated, passionate thought towards an end to be attained, backed by plans and action. It’ll motivate you and keep your priorities in order. It’ll develop your potential, empower you to live in the present, not the past and enable you to evaluate your progress. The reigning question is: “What is your purpose?”


  • Everyone has a divine purpose
  • Ways to identify your purpose
  • What to do once purpose is identified
  • How to…
  • Effects of functioning in/ fulfillment
  • All about position